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Brush Up Your Shakespeare! (cover)

Brush Up Your Shakespeare!

Harper & Row, 1990
Cover and Illustrations by Tom Lulevitch
1st Edition, Hardcover : Harper & Row, 1990
ISBN: 0060163933
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1st Edition, Paperback : HarperPerennial, 1994
ISBN: 006272018X
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1st Edition, Hardcover Reprint : Grammercy, 1998
ISBN: 0517189356
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2nd Edition, Paperback : HarperCollins, 2000
Revised with a Shakespeare Filmography
ISBN: 0062737325
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Also published in the U.K., Japan, China, and Brazil
At First Brush
The Quotable and the Notable
Famous Phrases from Shakespeare
“Household Words”
Common and Uncommon Words Coined by Shakespeare
Faux Shakespeare
Phrases often Misattributed to Shakespeare
Good Enough to Call Your Own
Titles Borrowed from Shakespeare
China Japan
Chinese edition Japan Times edition